Human Beach Nagase

Recommended by hotel staff!
Spectacular views
and photo spots!

Human Beach Nagase

Surrounded by the sea, Etajima City is a town rich in sightseeing spots, gourmet food, and photo spots.
Access from Kure City is possible by ferry or car.
Human Beach Nagase in Etajima City is a spectacular view and photo spot recommended by hotel staff!

Human Beach Nagase
737-2301 Nakamachi, Nomicho, Etajima City

Tide table

Tide table

You can experience what it's like to be walking on the sea only when the spring tide is at high tide (tidal level approximately 350 meters) or above. We recommend checking the spring tide, high tide, weather, and time before going to the site.


Hotel reservation

Hotel reservation

You can make reservations for the Clayton Bay Hotel.We have various plans available.
A free shuttle bus is available from JR Kure Station and Yamato Museum.


This is a video of Human Beach Nagase.
From the hotel Instagram.

Access from Clayton Bay Hotel

A free shuttle bus runs from the hotel. (10:00-19:00) If you wish to use the service, please contact the staff or make a reservation by phone. (0823-26-1111)

It takes about 5 minutes to get to the Kure ferry terminal.

Board the ferry bound for Etajima.Ferry/Required time: Approximately 20 minutes High-speed boat/Required time: Approximately 10 minutes

It takes about 17 minutes by taxi from Etajima(Koyo Port) Ferry Terminal to Human Beach Nagase.

If you are going by bus from Etajima(Koyo Port) Ferry Terminal to Human Beach Nagase, get off at Nagase Kaigan.It is necessary to change buses.

Please make wonderful memories in Etajima, which is rich in nature.

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Taxis are recommended for getting around Etajima.

・Etajima Tax  TEL: 0823-42-1151
(From Etajima Koyo Port)

・Nomi Taxi     TEL: 0823-45-2525
(From Human Beach Nagase)

Hotel staff recommended Etajima food


At Mamegashima, where Aka-oni (a red ogre) is the landmark, Etajima's specialty soybean udon is delicious. About 7 minutes by car from Human Beach Nagase.

Business hours: 11:00-16:00
Regular holiday: Tuesday (if Tuesday is a holiday, the following Wednesday)


This is a popular Chinese restaurant in Etajima City. They have cheap and delicious ramen and the menu, which has remained unchanged since its opening, has many fans. About 13 minutes by car from Human Beach Nagase.

Business hours: 11:30~13:30 17:00~21:00
Regular holiday: Tuesday

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