Japanese food experience
(For individual tourists)

At the Clayton Bay Hotel's Japanese food experience, you can experience new discoveries of "Japanese food" by not only the food experience to visit Japan but also trying it with your own hands.

In addition to the experience corner, it is a Japanese food experience where you can experience Japanese food culture, such as how to cook and how to arrange cooking.
Even after returning home, we have a simple menu using materials that can be procured abroad so that we can share "memories of Japan" with your families and friends even after returning home.

Tsukemen Making Class

Tsukemen is Hiroshima Prefecture's soul food. In the Corner where the hot spicy taste becomes tough, the boiled self-made noodles, "hot water cut", broth chashiw with a gas burner, toppings of your choice and made their own Taste the tsukemen.
Please enjoy the noodles with elasticity, spicy soy sauce base containing red pepper, rice oil, vinegar, sesame seeds to spicy sauce.





Monday to Friday (Excluding holidays)




JPY 5,000(Please pay in cash upon arrival)
1. Hot water cutting experience
2. Topping experience
3. Broiler of ingredients (burner) experience
4. Omusubi (Rice ball) making experience
5. Meal (listening to how to eat Tsukemen)
6. Soft drink

Both of them can bring out memorial photos (certificate of completion), wearing hats.