Oyster shot experience
Group guest (more than 15 people)


It is a special plan that you can actually eat oysters in Hiroshima Prefecture
and have freshly made oyster dishes at the clayton bay hotel.

《 Oyster dish at the hotel 》

Oyster fried from Hiroshima prefecture

Please enjoy the oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture boasting the largest production volume in Japan.
Overflowing from premix oysters, rich and melting umami is exceptional.

Oyster cooked rice

Oyster rice cooked with oyster flavor is the best. Please enjoy delicious oyster rice in a cooked state.

Oyster hot pot

It is a local cuisine in Hiroshima, painting miso inside the pan and making "bank".
For how to eat, apply paste miso around the pot and dissolve it gradually in a pot gradually.

Stir-fry oyster with oysters

Finished in seasonal oysters with plenty of flavored vegetables, stir-fried oyster taste condensed.
It is a dish that you can enjoy a savory oyster.

After the oyster hammering experience,
you can enjoy oyster dishes at the Clayton Bay Hotel.
Oyster fried with prepried oysters will serve you with fried fish in front of you.Other,
cooked rice with oysters in a cooked state,
Please enjoy oyster dish as much as you like, such as oyster pot of hot oyster.

《Oyster shot experience》

Period : October 1 - March 31 (except December 1 - January 10)
Place : Kure City · Nakamura Fishery Co.Ltd
Experience time : 16:00~
Transportation : Please move with a tour bus.

《Dinner / oyster dish》

Dinner Time : 18:30~20:30 (adjustable)
Place : Clayton Bay hotel inside banquet hall or restaurant

《Plan overview》

Price : JPY5,400 per person / Includes alcohol all you can drink
Time : 2 hours
Place : Clayton Bay hotel inside banquet hall or restaurant
Number of guests : more than 15 guests
Remarks : only for guests (stay at Clayton Bay Hotel)

※ We will change the number of people until the morning of the previous day's

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