Japanese food experience
Group guest (more than 15 people)


At the Clayton Bay Hotel's Japanese Food Dinner,
you can experience new discoveries of "Japanese Food" not only by eating just to visit Japan,
but also by making it with your own hands.

In addition to the experience corner,
it is a Japanese food experience dinner where you can experience Japanese food culture,
such as how to cook and how to arrange cooking.
Even after returning home, we have a simple menu using materials
that can be procured abroad so that we can share "memories of Japan" with our families
and friends even after returning home.

《 Experience cooking 》
Please choose 2 experiences from the following 6 courses to experience.


Nigiri sushi & rolled sushi made by yourself is the best taste! In "Nigiri experience", wearing the same white coat as a sushi craftworker,
hold a sushi while receiving instructions from craftsmen.Let's make Japanese sushi which is soul food, with your own hands!
At the end of the experience, please take a commemorative photo with a front view.


We will have your own baked okonomiyaki, one of Hiroshima's premier gourmet recipes under the guidance of the staff.
In fact, we have chosen materials by themselves, baked while turning over Okonomiyaki, and finally we taste what we made among participants.
Please return your skills to your friends after returning home.


Takoyaki is a very familiar food. Sometimes staple food, snacks, liquor's sauces, party's main dish, hospitality food ......
It appears in amazingly different scenes.
The staff will teach you how to make Takoyaki happily and politely, so you can participate with peace of mind.
Anyone can grill it if you grab a knack. Please eat Takoyaki you baked yourself.


At the tempura corner you can experience the flow of preparing fresh ingredients, wearing clothes and deep-frying. Tempura freshly fried in crisp crackers is exquisite.
Cooking cuisine in Japanese cuisine will teach me how to cook tempura carefully.


Hand-rolled sushi which ingredients look like flower buns is not completed cuisine, but arranges the materials on the table, and the person who eats wraps rice and ingredients by seaweed on their own and eats them.
Prepare sashimi such as tuna, salmon etc, and wind the cut cucumbers, egg fried eggs etc as your favorite neta. Why do not you make your own hand-rolled sushi by yourself?


Tsukemen is Hiroshima Prefecture's soul food. In the Corner where the hot spicy taste becomes tough, the boiled self-made noodles, "hot water cut", broth chashiw with a gas burner, toppings of your choice and made their own Taste the tsukemen.
Please enjoy the noodles with elasticity, spicy soy sauce base containing red pepper, rice oil, vinegar, sesame seeds to spicy sauce.

Other dishes


nikujaga(Kure specialty)

curry(Kure specialty)

《Plan overview》

Price : JPY5,400 per person / Includes alcohol all you can drink
Time : 2hours
Place : Clayton Bay hotel inside banquet hall or restaurant
Number of guests : more than 15 guests
Remarks : only for guests (stay at Clayton Bay Hotel)

※ You will experience the Japanese food culture with the tendency that you will eat some of the dishes that you made.
※ We will change the number of people until the morning of the previous day's

Clayton bay hotel
3-3 Tsukiji-cho, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Phone: 0823-26-1111 / FAX: 0823-26-0011